About Us - Yorùbá Self-Determination Movement

We believe in the Self-Determination rights of Yorùbá people.


About YSDM (Yorùbá Self-Determination Movement)

Sovereignty for the Yorùbá Nation

Following the resolve of many Yorùbá to have our own independent nation outside the union we now know as Nigeria. Several individuals established various groups and organisations, to pursue the dream of a sovereign Yorùbá Nation. Many of these groups and organisations’ activities were therefore duplicative of each other, causing drawbacks and at times, weariness to the many Yorùbá patriots involved in our Self-Determination struggle. For these reasons, the vision of the Yorùbá Self-Determination Movement emerged, as a collaborative body of Yorùbá Self-determination groups or organisations, to create a framework for achieving the task ahead. After several consultations and closed-door virtual meetings, the Yorùbá Self determination Movement was established on 7 August 2021 and thereafter inaugurated on 23 September 2021.

Our Aims and Objectives

The aim of YSDM is to achieve Sovereignty for the Yorùbá Nation. The objectives of the organizations shall be as follows but not limited to proactively:

  • Engage the Nigerian state using available instruments provided for by the international law and legislation.
  • Engage the international communities through diplomacy, shared beliefs, and common interest.
  • Facilitate trust, respect, honesty, and open relationships between Yorùbá self-determination groups.
  • Work towards the common goal of independence for Yorùbá land.
  • Accelerate the process of Yorùbá Self-Determination.

While member-organizations shall enjoy autonomy in their individual Self-Determination activities, to avoid uncoordinated efforts which may frustrate YSDM objectives, waste resources by duplicating efforts, or unintentionally embarrass YSDM’s efforts, member organizations are therefore encouraged to propose and collaborate with YSDM on initiatives.

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